Monday, May 9, 2016

Demonstrating weaving for kids

Pardon my recent long pause in posts.  Like I mentioned before, my family and I moved from Edmond, OK to Coffeyville, KS for a job opportunity for my husband.  We had been on the lookout for a position that would eventually take us back closer to family, and when one arose, we took it!  My mom and dad live in Coffeyville, and it's been fabulous over the last 3 weeks having them so close.

Of course, along with the fun of moving comes much un-fun...the packing, unpacking, sorting, cleaning, painting, arranging, phone calls, DMV visits, and on and on....  So that has kept me busy.  Although I'm typing now while sitting cross-legged on the floor with the keyboard in my lap because the movers broke my desk and we haven't found a new one yet, I feel pretty settled and am ready to share again.

Last Friday, I was asked to demonstrate weaving to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders at Clearwater Intermediate School.  Each year they have a day when presenters come in to share with the kids, and this year's topic was Fine Arts.  My sister is a teacher there, and she thought of me. 

I was excited to go and share.  Two years ago, I demonstrated weaving at the Whimmydiddle Craft Fair and had such a blast hearing and seeing the feedback and interest that weaving attracted.  People are truly interested in how weaving happens.  These kids at the school were the same way.

I threaded a small sampler weaving onto my travel-able table loom and took several weaving examples to show the kids.  When I was done, they were all examining their clothing to determine if what they were wearing was woven! :)

My sister Kim, niece Morgan, and nephew Caleb

Each kid had the opportunity to try out weaving plainweave for a few picks, using my bobbin winder, and making a small bracelet with my fringe twister.  They asked a lot of good questions and were very polite and attentive. 

It was a great program to expose the children to things they may not have seen before: weaveing, interpretive dance, calligraphy, quilting, flower arranging, and many more.  I'm grateful for the opportunity!

We even had a lovely picnic lunch on the green space in front of the school, with a leisurely hour to enjoy the beautiful weather and a bluegrass band.  My niece and nephew came to sit and eat with me. 

It was a great day, one I'll always remember.