Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fair Success

I decided to enter 7 handmade items in this year's Oklahoma State Fair.  I've never entered items in the fair before, but have always wanted to. Now that we live in the city with the fair, it's easy to do - so I gave it a shot.

Drumroll please......

This is my Striped Stardust Shawl. Fifth place (Cape or Shawl category). 
My Stadium Cushion. Second place (Weaving Article not otherwise specified category). 
Above are my Kitchen Towels I just finished. First place (Woven Household Linens category). 
Above is my KU Stadium Blanket - second place (Woven Blankets, Throws, Coverlets and Afghans category).  Note that pretty pinwheel scarf next to my blanket.  They did a great job!
Here is my Fall Colors Scarf - sixth place (Knitted Scarves category).  There sure were a lot of scarves on display.
This photo is hard to see - the gloves were hanging on a Christmas tree in the corner of the display, but it's my Knotty Gloves - second place (Misc Knitted Clothing category). 
And the best for last - my Earth Tones Cardigan won first place (Knitted Cardigan category) and Best of Show Knitting Apparel!  I was so excited!!  This cardigan gave me ulcers (figuratively), but now I guess I'll forgive it!

Here's me by my sweater. Chris and I took an evening without kids to explore some of the fair. But of course I bee-lined for the creative arts building. They had promised to post results online nearly a week ago but have not, so the suspense was killing me!!

This competition is a great affirmation of the work I've done this year.  I wish I knew how many of each item were entered into each category, but all they tell me is that they'll guarantee items thru 10th place will be displayed.  Regardless, it gives me something I've been missing: outside assessment of these items.  I've been very unsure heading into this craft fair, not knowing if I can do it, or if my items are up to snuff.  I'll sure try to make this an annual thing. Maybe I can improve with my weaving and win best of show in a weaving category next year!  I also walked by some canning, produce, kids' legos ... all things I could shoot for next year.  We'll see!

Now I have some ribbons to measure up to Chris's winnings in BBQ competitions this year.  Nothing wrong with a little friendly competitiveness, right?! We both enjoy our hobbies and it's so fun to participate and see how you do in these competitions.

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