Saturday, September 20, 2014

Folding my Voyageur

I have really loved my 15", 8 shaft Leclerc Voyageur table loom. There are so many possibilities with the added shafts, and it doesn't take up much room. 

Today, however, I needed to have it fold - one of the reasons I got this loom. I'm taking it to Kansas with me to demonstrate weaving at the craft fair.

I started by warping and beginning the weaving. I wanted to have it ready to weave on the body of the project, but also I wanted to familiarize myself with the pattern so if I was distracted or pulled away from the loom, I would know right where to start again. 

Steps to folding a Leclerc Voyageur 

Step 1: loosen the warp to allow for the folding and remove any weights on floating selvedges or previously broken warps.  
Step 2: loosen any red screws
Step 3: fold up the front arm, allowing the beater bar to rest vertically between the castle and front beam. 
Step 4: place the securing bars from the front beam onto the loosened red screw near the top of each side of the castle and tighten down.
Step 5: lift up the rear beam and place the securing bars onto the red screw on the lower part of the front beam. Tighten to secure. I found that I needed to raise shaft 8 to keep my current large warp from interfering with the frame of the 8th shaft. 
Step 6: tighten down all screws
Step 7: remove the handles from both the front and back beams and secure the beam with the provided screws. 
Step 8: place the loom into the bag. 

I'm now ready to travel with my loom, so wish me luck!

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