Friday, September 19, 2014

3 Color Pinwheels

I ran an experiment with my table loom - I wanted to see if I could feasibly use some of this huge supply of acrylic yarn I have to make a woven scarf.  I picked three colors: gray, blue, and red and came up with a draft:

I use iWeaveIt program that I have on my phone and iPad.  It allows me to make my own drafts and use ones from weaving databases like  Once I'm done modifying it, I then can either print a copy to have by the loom to use as reference, or actually use my device and track my progress - helping me to never lose my place.  (Ha.  I have two kids.  Like I never lose my place!)  I can also pick my colors, which allows me to see how the colors will interact.  It's very handy.

I never took any pictures of this on the loom :(.  It wove up very quickly, and I deem it a soaring success.  I'll be using more stash to make more scarves soon.  Here is the finished product:

Isn't it pretty?!  May be one of the nicest things I've made with acrylic! 

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