Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Go KU!

I've completed the KU colors wool stadium blanket!  I'm so pleased with it!  I learned a lot of lessons after the KSU colors blanket: including how to handle the stretchy and slippery knitting yarn, as well as a better way to twist the fringe.

The blanket is made from 100% washable wool, what we call "superwash".  Cascade 220 superwash in two colors: Hyacinth (blue) and Really Red.  It has all the warmth of wool but ease of care like an acrylic. The blanket measures 57.5" x 33.5".

I made this blanket both wider and longer than the previous model, and I'm glad I did. It's a perfect cuddling blanket and will work great in the stadium. Here's my 4 year old, Elijah, demonstrating.  I'd say it's large enough for two people to share.  It'd be great as a seat cushion too!
 Cheesy, right??!
The fabric remains a bit weft-faced still, despite changes I made, but I'm happy with it!  
I discovered that you didn't need to tie the warp threads before twisting to make the fringe, and the result is much cleaner. 

So ROCK CHALK, JAYHAWK (a tribute to my alma mater)!

An update on current weavings:
I'm dressing my loom right now with cotton rug warp for a quick rag rug while I wait for some back ordered yarn. I'm excited to attempt my first rug!

On the table loom are the placemats. I'm nearly done with the second of four. It's in doubleweave, and it's been fun doing it. I've learned that a firm beat is not possible on the table loom, so future projects that need it should be done on the big loom from now on. But I've adapted the pattern and I still think it will turn out nice.

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