Tuesday, January 28, 2014

An adorable baby blanket

So probably 4 years ago I bought some yarn, thinking: I'll knit something for this cute new baby I just had.  Yeah, right.  Reality set in, and this yarn has set in my stash all this time.  I finally pulled it out recently and thought, this needs to be a baby blanket.

The yarn is Bernat Softee Baby Yarn, which is easy to find in about any craft store.  I used white and blue.  The blue has a nice sheen to it, while the white has a fuzzy quality.  This stitch pattern uses a section of "feather and fan" shaping - increasing with yarn-overs for 6 stitches, then decreasing with k2tog for 6 stitches.  It takes on a wave-like look.  The other section is plain stockinette stitch, but because of the shaping in the feather and fan section, it waves too.  They are simple stitches, but I like the look.

It measures 28" long and 32.5" wide, perfect to tuck into a car seat, stroller, or cover the baby in its crib.

I wish I had made it when my kids were little - it's pretty darn cute.  Very dainty and sweet.

I'm sure glad I still have a crib in the house to take these pictures with!  My sister is planning to use the crib for her new baby, but has yet to travel from Kansas to pick it up.  Good to have a photo prop!

I used a row of double crochet on the border, to give it a more finished look.  I very much dislike crochet, but I can do it.  This was one of those cases where it was obvious to me that the most simple way of finishing the edge was going to be crochet, instead of picking up stitches and then binding off with knitting.  It turned out good, but don't count on me doing more crochet soon.  :)

This blanket was surprisingly fun to make, and now I've used up more of this huge stash!  Yay!

Here's the link for the blanket on my Etsy page!

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