Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting rolling with weaving

It has been a fun, busy week. The kids have been cooped up in the house over the past few weeks due to the cold, so the recent warmer temperatures made everyone in the house happy. Chris took the boys on several park outings. I think I'm ready for spring. 

It's also been a productive week for me. I purchased yarn for 2 blankets to weave on the floor loom.  Right now I have the loom dressed and have woven about 2", just getting started. I'm becoming more confident in the process of warping and dressing the loom, but it's still nice to have my notes handy.  

I'm a little unsure about the sett on this blanket. It is intended to be a loose, soft beat, and the instructions mention this and say the sett could be changed from 6 to 8 epi for an easier beat. I'm not sure whether to trust the instructions and continue as is, or change and re-sley. Initially, I sleyed the reed at 8 epi, but it took nearly 5" off the width of the blanket, so I went back to the 6. I know this stretchy knitting wool will fluff out once tension is released, but I'm not exactly sure how much, and if I'll like the end result. I might take a picture of it to my weaving class on Thursday and see what my instructor thinks. 

Speaking of which, I did begin my intermediate weaving class last week.  It was fabulous to get out do the house, let the boys play with the babysitter, and go have some me time.  I've decided on a doubleweave project for the class, which will be a new technique for me.  I figure it's a great time to have a more experienced weaver right there to help me with problems or questions that arise. 

Here's my yarn for the doubleweave project. There's something about a yarn shipment coming just brightens my whole day!!

My table loom is sitting, sad, neglected and probably dusty. I have yarn for a placemat project for it, however I need more heddles and they are back ordered. So, until those come, it'll catch a bit more dust. 

Knitting: I have nearly finished a baby blanket in blue and white. I bought this yarn way back when my oldest was a newborn and I never found a use for it, but now I have!  This yarn is very soft, and I think it'll make a lovely cuddle blanket for a sweet baby. 

My second on-the-needles project is a second iPad cozy.  Very soon it'll be two new project starts :))

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