Monday, February 10, 2014

Cold Winter Blues

It has been quite the winter.  Last year, it was unusually warm and dry.  I guess we're making up for it this year, and Oklahomans are certainly not the only ones.  With so much cold and wet, my kids are well into cabin fever and onto destructive, drive Mom crazy stuff!  I'm hoping for warmer weather soon.

I also have been in not-so-great health lately.  The kids had RSV, and I'd been dealing with some back pain that I initially attributed to weaving and poor posture.  I've always had back trouble.  I started physical therapy and all sorts of medications.  But a few weeks ago, it moved into my chest as well and began hurting constantly.  The exact diagnosis is still to be determined (I see a surgeon on Wednesday), but they're considering a gallbladder issue and stomach ulcers.  Fantastic, huh?  It's been a whole 5 months since I've had surgery... guess it's time to do it again.  But I'm hopeful that we'll get to the bottom of it and I'll start feeling better soon.  This all has really limited my desire to be weaving and knitting, so my production has suffered.  But I do have some updates for you.

I've missed the last 2 weeks of weaving classes due to these illnesses, so today, Chris watched the kids while I went down to the weaving studio.  I spent 4 hours making some progress on dressing the loom.  As a reminder, I'm  making a doubleweave stadium cushion.  The 5/2 cotton colors are Scott City, Kansas' high school colors (where my parents live).  I was able to finish sleying the reed and am approaching halfway through the threading of the heddles.  I bet I can finish up the loom dressing this week in class (IF I get to go...), and start weaving the following class.
On my floor loom at home, I'm over halfway through weaving the stadium blanket in K-state colors.  I ran out of wool, so had to place an order for more.  It arrived today and I'm ready to get going again!

My sister is expecting her second baby this week, a girl.  She requested a baby blanket, so I started up this cute chevron blanket in cheerful, bright colors.  I think she'll like it.  If she reads this before I get it sent to her, it'll ruin the surprise!!
Also on my needles is a two-color shawl.  I'm really liking how it's turning out, too!
With any luck, I'll feel better and will finish up some projects soon.  A return to normal would be much appreciated!

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