Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Adventures

I'm starting of on a new learning adventure and documenting it online where someone else might benefit from what I learn seems like a good way to do it.  First of all, you should know that I am a busy stay at home mom who likes to make things.  Yep, that pretty much sums it up.  Ok...maybe that doesn't describe ALL of me, but I'll have to branch out later.  I think it was ingrained in me from a young age to be crafty.  My mom exudes craftiness and I did my best to repel it for as long as possible.  But eventually, I started knitting.  The knitting began when my oldest son was very small.  He napped all the time, so I decided to pick up knitting to fill some of those naps.  Anyone with kids knows what happened next: the naps got shorter.  But regardless, I found a creative outlet and jumped in with both feet.

My new adventure is weaving.  My husband's grandmother owned a beautiful Leclerc Nilus weaving loom, on which she wove rag rugs.  After her death, I learned that the loom was in storage in a family member's garage - unclaimed and gathering dust.  My mother-in-law seemed tickled pink that someone wanted to use it, and I'd always admired the looms at The Yarn Barn of Kansas, so I eagerly agreed to take it. 
Here it is - a 45" 4-shaft, 6-treadle loom.  She used it ONLY to weave rugs, so there are some adjustments and repairs needed.  There is a sectional warping beam on back, so that needs to be removed and an apron needs to be added.  The reeds were junky and rusty, so I think I'll order new ones.  My wonderful, tolerant husband helped me replace a bent lag bolt holding on the brake mechanism, and the treadles need a new tie up system.

But I'm so eager to get started weaving and I think it will be a good learning opportunity, a valuable skill set, and maybe a money maker??? in the future.  (Oh and probably a time-hog too!!)

I took a weaving class in Lawrence, KS at the Yarn Barn 2 weeks ago.  It is a fabulous experience that they offer - a room full of looms where you can sit down and hear a master weaver describe the process and then get your hands "dirty" trying it yourself.  The fire in me was lit.  Since then, I've been working on gathering the things I need to fix up the loom and get going!

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