Sunday, August 11, 2013

BBQ cover makeover

When your husband asks for a trip to the fabric know trouble is coming. 

My husband Chris is a budding amateur barbeque enthusiast.  He is always experimenting with grilling, and in this hot weather, I'm all for him cooking dinner outside!  He is busy collecting all the dream grills he "needs", and this led to that aforementioned trip to the fabric store.  He bought an add on pellet attachment to his Weber Smoky Mountain smoker, and so the cover that Weber sends out no longer fits. Here is the beast:
My given task was to modify his existing weather cover to incorporate the pellet box.  I went to Joann Fabrics and found this great material: Marine/RV vinyl that is waterproof and nice looking.  (And I just love their iPhone app that always has a 40% off coupon, because at $17.99 per yard, it can get pricey!)  I decided to use the existing cover's top and cut it off at the level where the box comes up to.  I then measured for three new pieces: a 63.5"x 26.5" piece to go around the bottom of the smoky mountain, a 65" x 16" piece to cover the front, top, and back of the pellet box, and a 26.5" x 12" piece to cover the left side of the pellet box. 

I then used fray stop on the old cover that I cut, just in case it decides to fray/unravel.  Then I started sewing together the pieces (by hand of course because my sewing machine protested and refused to help me out.)  Using Coats Outdoor Thread, I started with the pellet box side panel, attaching it to the top and side panel.  I found the best way to secure the material while sewing was to use plastic coated paper clips, since any pins would put holes in the material that would compromise its water-tightness.  My sewing skills aren't fantastic, but it's functional!!
Sewing in action, I used a backstitch.
Step one finished.

Step two finished.
That piece set aside, I sewed on the body extender to the existing cover top.
You can see that there is an opening where the pellet box sits, and this is where I lined up the other piece to match.  The easiest way I could find was actually turning all pieces inside out, putting them on the grill, and paper-clipping them in place, so the alignment would be right.  Then I sat down and sewed that seam too.  The bottom was hemmed and I added a vinyl strap with velcro to two sides to keep the wind from blowing it off (unlikely but it makes he hubby happy), and TADA!!
I have successfully crossed something off my honey-do list and hopefully earned a few brownie points and a few grilled meals!

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