Sunday, August 4, 2013

A knitting break-in

Right now I'm waiting for my parts to come in for my loom (WHY aren't there any weaving supply stores in Oklahoma??), so I've been working on finishing up some knitting and felting projects I have going right now. The latest off my needles is a wide zig zag scarf/shawl I made for my mom for Mother's Day. She requested I add 18" more to its length, and I just finished it up. Here is the final product:

I am a little hesitant to hand it over :) - It's a great size to either wear around your neck or wrap around your shoulders as a shawl.  I also love the Paton's Lace yarn I chose, it's long color repeats were just the thing I was looking for.  However, I'm not a fan of the mohair much.  But it was a nice mindless knit and Mom seems to love it.  Here is my Ravelry page with the details (it's a free pattern!).

I'm thinking I will continue keeping one knitting project on the needles while I'm starting off on the weaving.  Knitting is something I can do while watching my kids or while they nap, and the weaving is going to have to be something that I do once they go to bed.  There is just too much stuff on that loom that the kids would think is fantastic...

I've chosen Deborah Chandler's book Learning to Weave to get me going on the loom.  I've talked to other weavers who have used this as a beginning weaving tool and think it is indeed informative and provides a nice structured, step-by-step tutorial on weaving.  I've read up to the point where you are supposed to measure out the warp, and since the loom isn't functional yet, I'll stop there.  I'm itching to dive right in. 

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