Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spring Diamond Scarf

I have a new weaving project finished and all my ducks are in a row to show you!  I'm excited to finish up what I was weaving at the Whimmydiddle craft fair - my Spring Diamond Scarf.

This design arose from inspiration from the yarn, as it often does for me.  I really wanted to try weaving with tencel, a cellulose fiber that can actually be obtained by using recycled wood pulp.  It has gained popularity recently due to its shine, softness, wrinkle-resistance, and breathability.   So I researched and found a lovely variegated yarn from Prism Yarns (who I love and have worked with before on my Pamuya shawl).  This time I chose their smaller weight yarn, Delicato in colorway Arroyo.  After seeing and feeling the yarn, I found a 2/2 twill design, using M&W variations threading that I thought would look nice with this yarn.

I had initially intended on using the Delicato as both the warp and weft, but after I had decided on my weave structure, a diamond pattern, I decided that the color changes might muddle the design.  Away to my yarn stash I went, and I came up with some 3 ply cotton crochet thread.  I was attracted to it's sheen, which was like the Delicato.  I decided it would make a nice background for the diamond structure to stand out.

As you can see on my weaving record sheet, available below, I had intended on making 2 scarves on this warp.  A couple of problems arose.  First, I was relying on using a tape measure, moving it along as I wove, to know how long my scarf is.  Once I would reach the desired length, I would stop, weave spacers for the fringe between the scarves, and continue with the second scarf.  Well, as I was weaving this at the craft fair, talking with people walking by, being interrupted for sales and such, I completely forgot to advance my tape measure, rendering it useless.  It got wrapped up in the cloth beam and there it stayed.  Grr........

No worries, I thought.  I'll just continue weaving and then cut the scarves apart, however I'll have to abandon the fringe.  I decided that was fine, I'd just hem the scarves.  So on I wove.

Then, when I was finished weaving, I unrolled the cloth and was surprised that it was shorter than expected.  I went back and looked at my math - I TOTALLY LEFT OUT ALLOWANCES FOR TAKE UP (and shrinkage).  For heavens sake.  After consulting a few friends and family, I decided that cutting the material in half would render two too-short scarves, and just cause a lot of headaches with hemming anyway.  *insert steam coming out my ears here*.

But you weave and learn, right?  I think I'll double check my math from here on out.  Ah, growing pains.

But enough gab.  Here's the pictures!

After pressing, the colors just shone!

I devised the WIF pattern, and have it available HERE, for those who use weaving programs and would like the draft.

Also, here is my weaving record sheet, with all math and details shown: Spring Diamond Scarf Weaving Record Sheet - PAGE 1, PAGE 2

I learned so much with this project - as I continue to learn with each project I complete!  Now....what to put on the small loom next.....???

Update 5/9/15:  I've finally got this listing up on Etsy.  It can be yours!  More Hours Per Day

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