Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Giveaway! Winding Way Mitts

Four years ago, I set out to make a snuggle wrap for my unborn child.  Despite multiple attempts and much frustration, I frogged the project and moved on.  That yarn has been sitting in my stash ever since.

"That" yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK.  It's such a lovely yarn, I'm not sure why they discontinued it!  But they did.  It's a 55% Merino, 33% Microfiber, 12% Cashmere blend that is so soft to the touch.  So soft, in fact, that I usually caress it against my face when I pick it up.  I have two colorways of this yarn, the green I used in this project (called 18011 - very inventive, huh?), and a blue (18044).  The green looks to me like a "granny smith apple".  A bright light green.  I only had 1 ball in it, so I looked for a small project that would be a one-skein-wonder.

I finally decided on Winding Way Mitts by Cheryl Beckeric.  I loved the cable pattern along the top of the mitts.  So off I started.

It was a fast knit, working up easily, and a really nicely written pattern.  The only snag I encountered was a yarn shortage.  Of course...when yarn is discontinued, I WILL run out.  But thankfully, a super nice lady on Ravelry sold me some of her stash!  *I can't say enough about how nice it is to have that networking available.  Thanks, Ravelry!*  Once I received her shipment, I easily finished up!

Here they are!

Ok, now pardon my still-imperfect photography skills, because the above photo is the closest representation of color.

I have size x-small hands, so these are large on me.   They will fit hands 6-9 inches in circumference.

The ribbing on the underside of the mitts ensures that they stay snug!

Aah, sometimes I could just look at yarn close-ups all day.  That's weird.  But true.  I like being real.  :)

And now for the exciting part.  I want to give them away to someone!  If you'd like a chance to win them, click on the link below for my Facebook page.  Go there, "like" me if you haven't already, and share the post.  Then comment to let me know you've done so, and you'll be automatically entered.  I'll randomly draw a winner on Feb. 8th, 2015.

Good luck!

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  1. Kristi! So awesome! I love these and miss seeing your smiling face each week!
    Thank you for sharing your generousity with the rest of us! :)