Monday, December 22, 2014

Nina's Neons

I am a true believer in the old adage: "old friends are the best".  It's probably because we come from the same starting point in life.  Small town, high school, Tastee Freeze, C-mart, dragging main.  I'm lucky enough to have one of my high school friends live in the same metro area as we do.  It's a short drive, and our kids are able to play while we visit.  Very therapeutic!

So when Nina asked if I could knit her some fingerless mitts, I was so happy!  Now you have to understand something about my friend.  She LOVES bright, fun colors.  And they look great on her!  I was previously convinced that bright neon colors wouldn't look good on someone like me.  I never pick such bold colors, but on this project, I've decided I really like them too!

After pouring over some patterns, she chose Pixelated Palms by Jennifer Beaumont.  And some easy-care I Love This Yarn in colorways Yellow Neon and Fuchisa.  And off to work I went.  This is worsted weight yarn, so they knitted up fast.  The pixelated pattern is worked by using fair-isle technique to randomly add color, gradually changing from one color to the next and fading out.

After making this first pair, even though this was the size recommended for her hand measurements, I doubted myself - so I went ahead and made the next size up just in case they were too small.  Lucky me, they both fit in their own way.  One nice and snugly, while the other was roomy and bigger.  I sent them both with her, so she can have two coats with mitts in the pockets, ready to go!

The second pair I made in reverse color order - fuchisa on the palm and yellow on the wrist.

Both turned out fabulous, and I think she liked them as well.  Hopefully we will have some cold weather soon so she can try them out!  Darn Oklahoma weather!

Love ya, Nina, and I hope you like the mitts!  If you ever want anything else made, you know how to reach me!

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