Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Striped Mittens

I have been in designing mode for the last several weeks, and in preparation for beginning work on the new designs, I finished up a pair of quick mittens.  I love making mittens.  It's therapeutic.  Well, I guess that's a silly thing to say - all knitting is therapeutic for me.  But I love how mittens come together quickly and surprisingly simply.  There's no fuss of finger knitting.

These are knitted in 100% acrylic yarn.  The benefit there is they are washable and will wear well and retain their shape.  I love the gray and maroon colors.  Doesn't look like maroon?  Oh, well that's because evidently I'm a poor photographer.  Nothing I did make the color come out true.  But trust me, they're maroon.  The colors are sporty, and reminded me of something I'd wear to a fall football game, sporting school colors.  

I worked these entirely in the round with double pointed needles.  It's nice to be able to try them on as I go!

They made my hands sweat while I was photographing them, so I know they'll be warm.

Hooray for fall and mitten weather!  My favorite time of the year!

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