Monday, October 27, 2014

Look! It's Spiderman!

My 4 (nearly 5) year old Elijah is 100% boy.  He's into Legos, superheroes, ninja turtles, dirt, and playing hard.  He's such a fun kid to have around, and he always makes me smile.  When I saw the pattern for a Spiderman blanket, I knew he would love it. 

It has a clever construction, started small in the middle and then increasing, with decreases and increases making points radiating out from the center like a web.  However, shortly after this picture was taken, I realized the instructions were insufficient and flawed, so I had to rewrite the instructions completely.  It was a major pain and I wasn't too pleased.  But I carried on and I'm glad I did.

After completion, the "spokes" of the web are crocheted in through the knitting.

I had the worst time getting the edges to keep from curling, and ended up making a 2-round double crochet border to help.  It still curls some, but Elijah will never know.  He saw me laying it out for photos and said "Oh my goodness!  It's AWESOME!".

It is now proudly spread on his bed, ready for bedtime cuddling tonight.  This is why I make stuff.  To make someone smile.  Cuddling is a big bonus too!


  1. I am trying to figure out how to start this pattern. I want to knit it. I do not know how to crochet but all I can find is info about crochet for this blanket. I wish their was a tutorial on u-tube to watch

  2. The pattern can be found at:

    I believe it’s still a free pattern, and it is knitting not crochet. The crochet border I added to the blanket was something I did on a whim to try to keep the blanket from curling. It wasn’t on the pattern. The problem with this pattern is there’s a lot of stockinette stitch, which has all the purl bumps on one side of th fabric, so it needs a border to keep from curling. Other options could be possible.

    Check out the pattern and see what you think. Perhaps others have devised a better solution. And if there are stitches included that you are unsure of, search them online and you should find multiple tutorial videos.

    I hope this helps and you find a way to make it! Kristi