Thursday, October 17, 2013

Scarf Completion

I was so pumped to get to the end of my warp; seeing my scarf rolled up on the fabric beam.  I did not take a running measurement of how long the scarf was - I was just weaving until the end.  When I got to the end, I decided I really liked it.  It is a simple scarf, but one I think I'll actually wear.  Then I got the idea of adding beads onto the hemstitching.  I found some beads that coordinated with the purple and pink colors and gave a little splash of blue too. 
I worked the beads on both sides, alternating, so that the scarf could be reversible.  After completing the hemstitching, I felt a little insecure about the beads staying place, so I tied overhand knots just to be sure.  The problem with deciding to do the beads (and hemstitching) on the fly was that I hadn't hemstitched the beginning of the scarf.  No problem, though, I was able to do it off the loom, just being careful to not dislodge the wefts. 
Here it is completed (before the knots).  As I rolled it off the fabric beam, I was shocked at how long the scarf was.  My calculations were for a 68" length, but I knew that I had been very generous on the loom waste figure, since I had yet to weave to the end of a warp.  The scarf ended up being 93" before fringes, which add an additional 4" per side.  There was much less than 10% take up and shrinkage.
Here it is right off the loom.  I'm so pleased with the subtle color shading.

I have those silly windows that have the fake pane lines through them.  But I really liked this picture anyway :)

My beat was much more firm at the start of the project, but by the end I was getting good and you could see the pattern much better.

So the loom is now empty, but I have another project in the works....

Call me crazy misguided, but I'm going to try another project with the acrylic on as a warp.  I had decided that it would be best to use as weft only, but it seems such a shame to let it go to waste.  I ordered some thin cotton to use as a warp with this acrylic yarn on future projects - just ordered some white so hopefully it'll coordinate with the most colors. 

I ordered more inserted-eye heddles so I could have all of one type on the loom.  They, of course, are back ordered, so right now I think I'll wait and see if they ship soon.  More knitting time, I guess!  My cardigan WILL get finished if it KILLS ME! 

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