Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Colorful checks

I have this pretty yellow and blue stripes on my warp now, and plan to weave scarves in 3 different patterns for as long as the warp threads allow. I threaded it at 20 sett, as the last project was at 18 and it was hard to see the pattern. I wove a while and discovered I was getting rectangles instead of squares.  I believe it is because the plain weave variation has so many overs and unders, it simply won't allow me to beat in the weft any tighter. 
I was unsure whether to carry the yarn over when switching colors and tried it for the first several inches, but I quickly discovered it was hard to make the jump firm but not pull the warp out of wack. So I started cutting the colors and alternating the starting side with each color change. I like the look much better. 
You can see where I changed techniques on the right side, where there's a yellow string near the breast beam. Although cutting each color after only 4 throws is time consuming, it seems to work best. The pin you see in the left of the fabric is my measurement- that's the first 10" mark. 

I'm having fun and learning so much. The only aggravation is that my kids love to fiddle with everything, so my weaving time is limited to naps (haha- they're rare nowadays) and bedtime (HAHA- momma is tired by then!).  

This weekend, my mom and I are going to An Affair of the Heart craft show in OKC. I've never been but hope it'll be fun. I'm also looking to glean ideas on booth presentation, popular selling items, advertisement and the like.  I'm also excited to see my mommy!!  

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