Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ready for Fun!

I FINALLY received my loom parts this week in the mail and quickly went to work making the needed repairs. I installed an apron onto the back beam, added a second apron rod to both beams, installed my new reed, and laced on new treadle cords. I had also ordered a larger boat shuttle, bobbins, and lease sticks. 

These things out of the way, I am ready to start in on the beginner sampler project in my book. My hubby mounted my warping board to the wall the previous night, so I got started winding my warp!
I decided to use red and white, so here is the 2 yard red on the board. I have since decided it's best to have the cross further to the left on that top set of rungs, because it was too close to the reed. But anyway, here are the two chained warps ready for dressing. 
Next, I began with securing my cross on the lease sticks and sleying the reed. 
With that accomplished (yay!!), I threaded the heddles using a direct threading. 
I finished up by tying onto the back beam, winding the warp, and tying onto the cloth beam. Here I am ready to weave. 
I've learned a lot - it seems that practice makes perfect and maybe next time I can streamline the process (which took approximately 6 hrs) and minimize yarn waste. There certainly are many ways to do many things in weaving, and finding the way that works for me will be fun. I really enjoyed getting to this point, I had my radio playing and the tasks are simple and repetitive. Tonight, I'm hanging out in the recliner (I'm still recovering from abdominal surgery a week ago) and enjoying a movie with the kiddos!!  Tomorrow, we weave!

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