Saturday, September 21, 2013

Getting Organized!

I am your typical type-A personality that likes to have everything in order.  Since my weaving is now up and running, I was looking for a weaving record sheet where I could both plan and record my projects for easy reference.  This is an important step of the creating process, because you never know when your sister is going to see a scarf you made and want one exactly like it, except in pink.  And who is gonna remember the threading for this pillow five years from now??  If you have all the details for a project written down, it then becomes super easy to recreate a project, find the yarn you used once, or even refresh your memory on what you learned while making that blanket. 

Parts of the form will be filled out as you are planning your project, and parts will be filled in after completion.  If you'd like, you can attach small cuttings of the yarn used, add on the weaving draft you found online and used, or even staple on the sample you wove first.
I made up a similar form that I use for my knitting, but the ones I've found for weaving didn't have all I was looking for.  So here is my version!  Enjoy and let me know how you like it, or if you have any suggestions for improvements!


Microsoft word .docx



  1. This is PERFECT! Thanks for sharing!!! I'm a new weaver (and knitter.) Love your blog!

  2. Just what I was looking for! Thank You!