Saturday, November 30, 2013


Can you believe the holiday season is already here?  It's been such a fast year, but then again, I think each year is shorter than those previous.  I'm so excited for Christmas, and for all the magic there is to show my two little boys who are just beginning to "get it".

I have primarily been knitting in the past few weeks, mostly because I'm put off by having to change my colors every 4 throws with the weaving, but I'll get back to that soon.  My goal lately has simply been production.  I need to have items available to sell for craft shows!

Today I have the finished linen stitch scarf to show you!
It turned out great!  As I said in my previous post, the yarn color is called "Pony Ride", and I think it's so appropriate.  It is just the colors I would pick to describe a horse or pony ride.  The colors also appealed to me because they were subtle, earth tones that would go well with browns, blacks, creams and khakis. 
 The fabric made when using this stitch is thick, so I'm sure it'll be warm, given it's a wool/nylon blend.  Head on over to my Etsy shop to check out all my current offerings.
I really am so thankful that I'm able to find time to do the things I love, that I have a wonderful husband who works hard so I can stay home with our two boys, and that I have the ability to create.  And a roof over my head, and plenty of food, and a fantastic family.  We really are abundantly blessed.  That really is what this season is all about.

My knitting corner in the living room has had to be moved to make way for the Christmas tree.  (I may be INSANE for placing the tree in a commons area in our house with two little boys...time will tell.)  So hopefully I'm able to keep up my productivity this month!  But on my needles now is this colorful shawl.
I'm a little under halfway through my yarn, and I plan to make it as big as my yardage allows.  This is self-striping sock yarn, I'll give all the details later but I really like the colors.  It's fun to work with self striping yarn - it's always fun to see what's coming up next.  It also occupies my mind, because I'm that anal type A sort who gets mad when the colors pool too much (HA! That's hard to admit!).  

More to come later - it's time to decorate the tree with my little family!  God bless you in this season!

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